Covid Guidelines and Instructions

Ordering Online

After checking out your order, you must schedule a date and time for pickup.

We are only allowing 20 people per hour, and if all of the slots fill up in a given day you can schedule a day in the future, and we will reserve your plants for pickup until then.

If you can't make your scheduled pickup, please email to reschedule.

All Sales are final. There are no returns, exchanges, etc.

When the store is out of stock of a given plant, we are completely out.

Picking Up

No plants can be purchased the day of the pickup. If you wish to purchase more plants, you must put in a new order online and schedule an additional pickup.

Pickup is at the Horticulture department in the southwest corner of campus. Look for signs leading to the pickup area.

Orders will be on tables in the parking lot. Staff will be available to help locate your order, but staff cannot load plants into your car. All plants must be loaded by customers.

Additional Guidelines

Masks required, No visiting, lingering, or staying and chatting. We are busy and have to keep the lines moving. 

Regardless of weather the sale will continue as normal. 

Some crops may not be ready to be put outside immediately, please check culture information before planting. We are not responsible for anything that happens to plants after they are sold. 

This is the first time we are having our spring sale fully online. We appreciate everyone's patience with us this year, thank you for supporting our students!